Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Grand Theft - "Hiking Into Eternity" 1972-73

Grand Theft, a supposedly joke band which is rumored to be the alter ego of a band called Bluebird, have only two live performances, a self released 7" single, and one self released album (lacking any cover art) in their repertoire. The single, and the album are complied here along with 4 "rehearsal" tracks, and additional material which was meant for a second album that never saw fruition. You gotta love it just for the cover alone, which depicts a rat with wings bearing a significant resemblence to the image of Appolo, the sun god a'la the Swan Song logo.
Replicating the cliches of bands like Zeppelin and Grand Funk, albeit a humorous pisstake, the music is pretty damn good
considering how serious the members took it (or didn't), with names like Crowbar Mahoon and P.K. Skins. A roadie named Cheese Toaster took vocals occationaly, and the band later hired on Loudus Volumus on 2nd guitar.
Alocal radio station took to playing their sole single "Scream (It's Eating Me Alive)" which resulted in a loyal local following (again, they only played live twice in their entire history!). I'ts actually a fuzzed out damn good time.
"Ben the Rat Meets Led Zeppelin" is a personal favorite, with the lyrics telling the story of a big rat going to the "House of Zeppelin" where he encounters a semi coherent Jimmy Page who proceeds to plug his guitar into his rectum to rip out some riffs. Priceless.

Original self-released album

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