Monday, September 5, 2016

Stray Dog - 1973-1976

Originally from Texas under the name "Aphrodite", W.G. "Snuffy" Walden (guitar/vocals), Alan Roberts (bass/keys/vocals), and Randy Reader (drums) moved to Denver, Colorado and became quite popular under their new moniker, Stray Dog. They were introduced to Neville Chesters, a former road manager for Emerson Lake and Palmer who convinced them to go to London where, along with a friend and fellow tour manager Lorenzio Mazzio leading to Greg Lake signing them to E.L.P.'s label Manticore records. Randy Reader was replaced by Leslie Sampson. Lake produced three tracks on the band's 1973 self titled debut album, with the rest of the band producing the rest.
In March 1973 British music magazine NME reported that Stray Dog were to support ELP on their world tour which was due to commence in Germany at the end of that month.

Stray Dog's follow up album While You're Down There (1974) was co-produced by Austin Godsey and the band. A change in lineup (adding Tim Dulaine -guitar/lead vocals, and Louis Cabaza on keyboards) changed the band's sound from a blues based power trio to a more subdued commercial AOR rock sound.
Leslie Sampson (drums) had played earlier with Noel Redding in "Road."
After the demise of Stray Dog, Snuffy Walden (guitar/lead vocals) went on to write and produce several American television theme songs.

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