Friday, September 30, 2016

Warlord - s/t 1974-1977

Founded in 1974 and disbanded in '76, Warlord never really received any recognition in it's native Britain. Here is a 2002 release of unreleased material from the mid-seventies from this underground doom band. Heavy duty Sabbath/Black Widow style. Formed by Ivan Coutts (keyboards) when he left The Blacksmiths in search of new blood to take it a step further. He met John Alexander, a guitarist from a band called the Falling Leaves along with vocalist Richard Roffy.
The band never got a chance to record an album.
This release includes demos made from 1974 to 1977, with some additional live material, along with liner notes and a full band history.
The band was revived briefly in 1977 only to record a few demos and then finally folded.
An interesting piece of first hand metal history.


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