Monday, October 3, 2016

Hot Jam - "Just in Time" 1974-'77 / 1977-'80

American hard rock trio Hot Jam were formed in Marshalltown, Iowa, in 1974. The band began playing out almost immediately, building up a large repertoire of original songs which they tested out on club audiences throughout the mid-west alongside a select number of tried and tested audience pleasing covers. Their debut single; "Stormy Monday" b/w "Tobacco Road" was released in 1975 on the Sun Dyl label. The single received a fair amount of radio airplay,from which the band garnered an even more sizable audience, scoring support slots for Heads East, Chicago, and Brownsville Station.
A 2nd 7" was recorded and released in Sun Dyl in 1976, pairing their original "I Love to Boogie" with Grand Funk Railroad's "I Don't Have to Sing the Blues" as the B-side.
After the departure of guitarist Roger Mathias in 1977, the band began it's MKII lineup and recorded another single, this time on Ovation/Tailspin.
The band recorded demos for a full length, however none of the major's took a bite and after more gigging through 78-80, the band folded for good.

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