Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Paternoster s/t 1972

From This is My Affliction Blog: "Nightmarish organ fueled/heavy prog/proto-proto-proto funeral doom from Austria. Lengthy instrumental passages dominated by eldritch pipe organ and fuzzed-out near-black metal guitar interspersed with harrowed, mock-operatic vocals hymning frustration and despair. Standout track, "Stop These Lines" goes from almost ludicrous descriptions of mundanity "Lunchtime snack-bar eating chips, ketchup dripping down your lips") into the repeated impassioned  plea to "Stop These Lines." Elsewhere, "Paternoster" and "The Pope is Wrong" turn the formal liturgies of the Catholic church into bitter hymns of  cynicism."
The band's lifespan was only a brief two or three years (no one can quite remember) and this would be their one and only release.

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