Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Amsterdam - 1969/1974 A.K.A. Penny Wise

This group from Amsterdam evolved from the band Penny Wise. When they started out in 1969, the lineup was Donald Van Os (guitar/backing vocals, ex-Penny Wise), Martin Van Os (drummer, ex-Penny Wise), Johan Slager (guitar, ex-Little Johnny & Flaming Stars), Peter Van Aston (vocals), Robert Verway (bass, Brainbox).

Lineup in 1970 - Donald Van Os, Martin Van Os, Egon Verhoeven (bass, ex-California License), Michael Van Dijik (ex-Ekseption, went to Brainbox and stayed there from '71 to '74).

In 1974 the lineup changed to: Donald Van Os, Martin Van Os, Michael Van Dijik, and Jocques Zwart (ex-Think Tank). In that year, Amsterdam fell apart. Peter Van Aston became a producer and composer, and released a few albums under the name Peter Bewly.

The band never released a full length album, but has 9 7" singles to it's credit. A self titled compilation was released after the band had broken up in 1975 on Pink Elephant.

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