Monday, May 29, 2017

Banchee - s/t 1969, & "Thinkin'" 1971

From America's east coast, Banchee released their debut album on Atlantic records in 1969. The band, singer/guitarist Peter Alongi, drummer Victo Digillio, rhythm guitarist Jose Miquel DeJesus, and bassist Michael Marino, teamed up with producers Warren Schatz and Steven Schlakz (?!?!)
The album is very typical for the time, though was very much "more heavy than hippi."
High energy guitars, very tuneful structure, but none the less ultimately hard, guitar-driven rock. Th album even spawned a single: "" Just Don't Know" b/w "Train of Life."

Two years later they released "Thinkin'" and also saw them with a new label, Polydor. The group also expanded to a five piece wit the addition of singer/percussionist Fernando Roman (who just also happened to be DeJesus' cousin). With the band co-producing with Dave Paslmer and Ralph Moss, the sophmore band saw themselves aiming for an even tougher rock sound. Unlike the debut, which was largely democraticproject wit everyone contributing their writing duties, this time around Jose Miquel DeJesus was responsible for a majority of the material.
While it wasn't particularly original or ground breaking, this was one of those rare albums where ther simply wasn't a bad song in the list.
(with material from Bad Cat Records)


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