Monday, May 29, 2017

Silverhead - s/t (1972), & "Sixteen & Savaged" (1973)

The world never seemed like a stranger place the moment I found out that the sleaze rocker singing the words "sixteen and savaged" was none other than Michael Phillip Des Barres, a.k.a. T.V.'s "MacGyver." But truth is almost always stranger than fiction, and to be honest, it's not all that different than Lee Ving, frontman of the California Punk band FEAR, cast as the sleazy strip club owner in "Flashdance."

He is also known for replacing Robert Palmer in Power Station, fronting the band at 1985's Live Aid. He is also the ex-husband of "super-groupie" and novelist Pamella Des Barres.

I'm not gonna waste your time with this one, re-telling you all the histroy of the band that you already know, much less force you to read some bullshit remedial material spewed from my mouth. So I'm jusat gonna post the records and leave it at that.


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