Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Cain - "A Pound of Flesh" 1975

Cain's musical passport to classic rock obscurity, then posterity, was stamped by their first album A Pound of Flesh. which would be roundly ignored by the world beyond the midwest at the time of it's release, only to appear 30 years later on CD and make the band collectors darlings. Recorded in 1975 A Pound of Flesh represented a half a decades worth of hard graft for the band and a wide gamut of influences that simultaniously intrigued and confused listeners who were lucky enough to secure one of the original vinyl copies. On the other hand, it could be argued that there is something here for everyone. For one thing, Cain's lengthy experience playing blue collar clubs peppered the way from the Twin Cities to Chicago made it second nature to them to wheel out handfuls of no-fuss heavy blues workouts.
Needless to say, though a single world beater does not a classic make, and though it would be extremely convenient to blame all of Cain's woes on their label ASI, the honest truth is that A Pound of Flesh is a very solid, but not spectacular album, worthy of appreciation but not immortality.

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