Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Cargo - s/t 1972

Released in anonymity to an unsuspecting Dutch public in 1972, Cargo's lone album became a self fulfilling prophecy when it disappeared after minimal radio play and zero live dates to back it up. But Cargo already had hits under their previous name: September, and their talent would not remain buried forever. In subsequent years, the album would become the stuff of dreams  to record collectors. as prog fans ate up their uncanny improvisational transformation of Allman Brothers influences (check out the dual guitar work of the De Hont brothers Jan and Ad ) out of the American south and into a psychedelicized continuum of space and time both Trerestrial and celestial.

DeVries (basss) and english drummer Dennis Whitbread complete the rhythm section.
The music developed here, brought on by stunning twin guitar leads along the lines of Wishbone Ash in their Argus period. The brothers play great co-operative guitar lines which show off their comaraderie and long standing mtual trust.
Sad to see that this is their sole release that came and went with little fanfare.
Re-released on Pseudonym as a 2XL.P. or 2X CD package wit extra bonus tracks.
Well worth your time!!!!

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  1. doesn`t matter which copies you own the sound quality is brilliant.. have the 2lp set and think the extras are as good..


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