Thursday, March 15, 2018

Aeroblus - s/t 1977

Aeroblus was a power trio made up of Pappo, Alejandro Medina, & Roland Castello Jr. It was an ephemeral parallel project by Pappo's Blues Band. They recorded a single album in Buenos Aries in 1977. The album is somewhat different than what Pappo was recording with a style closer to metal, and it was the pre-cursor to "Riff."
They debuted on January 6th, 1977 at the Premier Theater of Buenos Aries with a series of concerts that received negative critical reviews due to "lack of rehearsal", a problem that was quickly resolved.
Aeroblus at the time was a very heavy band, besides there was a social situation in Buenos Aries at the time that they were
constantly surrounded by the infantry guard. (the guys who planted bombs, etc.) Aeroblus managed to edit his only work. The delay in the edition of the album plus the police pressure made in those days in Argentina during the military dictatorship  made Roland Castello Jr. decide to return and stay in Brazil. Already in 1978 Pappo along with Medina reformed Aeroblus incorporating Claudio Pesovento on keyboards and without Castello who is replaced by Gonzalo Farrugia.
In May, 2012 Aeroblus turned 35 years old and was honored in both Argentina and Brazil by different bands and musicians.
On May 28, 2010 Alejandro Medina performed a tribute concert at "El Tetro" de Flores with Chizzo La Renga on guitar as a replacement of the deceased Pappo  and the same Roland Castello on drums who came from Brasil especially for the tribute, 33 years after the album was released in 1977.
(please excuse the broken English, I'm not that good at translating)

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