Wednesday, March 7, 2018

A.F.T. "Automatic Fine Tuning" s/t 1976

AFT's career was short, but they managed to leave a document of fine high-octane guitar rock for us to enjoy. The sound of the band is all over the place, borrowing twin guitar leads of Wishbone Ash, but taking them to the next level, throwing in some twists ala King Crimson, and some heavy rock pounding along the lines of T2. Lots of classical orientations which become the signature of the band. Even more impressive, they ended up doing two 15 Min long instrumentals without falling into the cliche soloing or excessive jams. It's as if one of the guitars has been substituted for the keyboards in this particular recording. The sharp and furious leads are coupled with lovely classical styled soloing.
Extremely talented musicians and composers at the very end, the bass work is great, and the drumming even greater.  The long tracks are of course the peak of the album lots of nice leads and rhythms, melodic and almost dramatic sounding solos and plenty of well placed breaks. "Queen of the Night" is the onlt track to feature some vocals and moves into the more typical rock vein. Credit should be given to Americans Lloyd and Neil Grossman (producers) for the excellent work on the album as well.
One of the best 70's outputs in the simplistic formation of guitar, bass, and drums.

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