Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Dies Irae - "First" 1971

From "Prog Archives": Playing locally in and around clubs in Germany, Switzerland, and France since 1968, Dies Irae consisting of Roger Wahlman (vocals/harmonica), Harold Thoma (guitar/vocals), Joachim Shiff (bass), and Andreas Cornillius (drums) were finaaly discovered by the long defunct Hamburg record laber PILZ in 1971. They were a progressive psychedelic/freakout blues band with a darker side from Saarbucken, Germany who only released one LP and one single (as well as being featured on a PILZ compilation "Heavy Christmas"), in 1971 before splitting up in 1972 citing "artistic differences". Two offshoot bands then appeared: Lucy Gang and Green wave.

Not to be confused weith a number of Metal bands called Dies Irae, which litterally translates to "Day of Wrath", which is the title of a latin hymn that refers to the day of judgement before the throne of God where the saved are delivered from evil and the unsaved are cast into eternal flames. The Dies Irae has been compared to Black Sabbath on their first album for PILZ because of their guitar/harmonica sound with lyrical references to the occult Although the lyrics wee far more trippy and out there.

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