Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Kopperfield - "Tales Untold" - 1974

An American band from the early 70's. Formed in Edwardsberg, Michigan in 1971 they made this one off album and called it a day in 1975. They play hard rock with a near overdose of heavy prog. It's kind of a mixed bag. Take Vanilla Fudge and mix in a liberal dose of Bloodrock, it could have easily been recorded in 1970. It ranges from bluesy rock that recalls Free, to the lovely anomaly of the title track which combines folksy acoustic textures and harmony leads with psychedelic keyboards. Songs like "Anatomy" and "Nothing left to give" also show the blistering influence of Detroit hard rock. Although, it's much closer to Grand Funk than MC5 in that respect. From an instrumental standpoint, there is a lot to appreciate about Kopperfield.

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