Monday, June 8, 2015

Astaroth - Satanaspiritus b/w Lady Of The Moon 45 1968-69? 1975?

I love stumbling across shit like this! Three different sources have reported there is NO INFORMATION on this band! A total fucking mystery and it is believed this 45 is the only known  specimen available of this band.
Nobody even knows for sure what date it's from. It was speculated to be from around 1968 or 69, but apparently it has also been pegged from 1975. Who knows?!
The video doesn't help as it all footage of other shit, like stock footage, film of the Stooges, other bands, and movies So I bring to you everything I could about this one. Satanaspiritus is an energetic rocker with a lot of Satanic type lyrics and loud guitars (LOVE that shit..), where as the B-side Lady of the Moon is a bit lower key and judging by the recording and style it was written in, I'd be willing to bet on the late '60's time frame as opposed to '75.

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