Thursday, June 4, 2015

Buffalo - Volcanic Rock 1973

From Wiki: Volcanic Rock is the second album for Australian proto-metal band Buffalo.
The album courted controversy with it's cover artwork upon release. Illustrated by J. Phillip Thomas the artwork was designed as a vertically opening gate-fold cover, with the top half (i.e. the front cover)depicting an androgynous human standing atop a volcanic mountain, holding up a phallus shaped rock, whilst the lower half of the cover (the back) depicted the base of the mountain as the lower half of a female torso (as viewed from the rear), menstruating molten lava.It led to accusations of misogyny towards the band and many record stores refusing to either display it or even carry it.

This album is a bit heavier than it's predicessor, It's got really catchy riffage and sweet stoner grooves on "Freedom" and "Pound of flesh". "Shylock" is a personal favorite. A total proto-metal platter!!!
Gotta have this in your collection!

Vertigo swirl label
Original Aussie press

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