Sunday, June 28, 2015

Eugene Carnan s/t 1972

Recorded in a garage in the U.K., insulated with egg cartons,  on a two track stereo Sony tape recorder and a small mixer, these are the tracks from 1972, as they were, recorded live, with five
microphones, no , over dubs, complete with drumsticks smacking into a mic here and there. Eight tracks of very powerful guitar driven hard rock were recorded within two days, (one of them, apparently on a different reel, lost forever) and later that same year the band had self destructed as members became unreliable and quit. The recordings however were taken into a direct -to-disc service, and cut into 4 acetate L.P.'s in hopes of finding a replacement bass player. Cassette copies were known to be recorded off for interested friends, however it wasn't until the singer's brother in law took the original tape reels 40 years later that it was released on C.D. A very cool story behind a very cool band with the unfortunate life span of a mayfly.

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