Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Kleptomania - 1967-1975

Kleptomania was a total kick ass stoner rock band from Brussels, Belgium. Formed in 1967, the band was a heavy-as-hell comparison to Black Sabbath. They were known for monster live shows and became an important element of live music in Belgium of the time. The band also had a revolving door of members and really bad luck! The only album they ever recorded was in '71, but never got released due to the record company going broke. By 1979 it was unofficially bootlegged to the tune of only 500 pressed. They managed to put out 5 singles throughout their time and one under the name Lee. By 1995, there was a double C.D. released that contains the album from '71, all their singles (except the one under the moniker of Lee.) and various outtakes. You can read all about the lineup changes, as well as other off-shoot bands HERE
and there's a discography right here: Belgian Metal History

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