Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Pink Fairies - Never Never Land 1971

Never Never Land is the 1971 debut album from the Pink Fairies. The group was formed when three musicians from The Devients, having sacked their singer Mick Farren after a disastrous West Coast North American tour hooked up with Twink. These musicians had previously collaborated on Twink's "Think Pink" prior to the tour, and during the tour Twink, Farren, and Steve Peregrin Took had used The Pink Fairies Motorcycle Club and All Star Rock and Roll Band name. Taken from a story by Jamie Mandlekau, as an umbrella for their activities. Polygram commissioned the band to do a single "The Snake/Do It" and were happy enough with it that the offered the group a contract for an album. The cover was really cool. It came in a printed PVC cover with an inner gate-fold sleeve depicting different scenescapes and a printed inner sleeve with a photo of the band. 200 Copies were pressed on pink vinyl that same year. I'd love to get my mits on one of those. My fave tune on the disc: "Thor." Dig it.

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