Saturday, June 13, 2015

Poobah - Let Me In 1972 + Biggy Rat - Look at Yourself 45 1970

Prior to forming Poobah with his high school buddy Phil Jones, Jim Gustafson started a band called Biggy Rat and released a 45 "Look inside yourself" b/w "I'm a woman." The band toured a lot and became quite popular. Even recording and album with Jimi Hendrix's bass player Billy Cox as producer. The album never saw release as the label slated to put it out folded, and so did the band soon after. That's when Jim and Phil took out an ad for a drummer and settled on Glen Wiseman and the trio was born. Financed by Jim, the band recorded "Let Me In" which contains a number of songs written for Biggy Rat and newer material. The band was an immediate hit with D.J.'s and recieved a butt load of air play making them a very popular act.They brought the album to Columbia, but were tuned down due to lack of management. After a period of "musical drum thrones", 1973 saw them back in the studio to record a second album which ended up on a C.D. called "Rock Collection" much later. Two years of touring ended with another lineup change and two more years of touring ensued stopping only to record "U.S. Rock in 1976. (a more thorough band  history.HERE)
The album sold out in a New York minute, but low and behold, the label tanked.The band was still constantly on the road and split up two years later. However, by '79, they had another record "Steamroller", but Jim and Phil were at odds with each other and the new lineup folded after 8 months or so. Another reformation in 1980 didn't last very long either.However, Poobah has stuck it out through all that and more (including the death of bass player Joe Mowrey) as well as multiple lineup changes. For more in depth details and complete history and members roster check out their official bio from the address below.The band contiues touring and cranking out CD's to this day. Look for them in A VENUE NEAR YOU!!!
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