Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Pugh's Place - "West One" 1971 / "Live Paradiso" 1972 / "Nothing is Real" 45

Pugh's Place was formed in Leeuwarden, Fryslan. Guitar player Hans Kerkhoven played in a local band in 1965 called Example. They started playing covers before writing their own progressive sounding tunes, and changed their name to Pugh's Place.
In '69, they released a single, Nothing is Real/The Horoscope, which was directly followed by this album, "West One", their debut full length from 1971. After it's release they toured the Netherlands and from that, produced a live album in 1972 along with some unreleased tracks.
During that period, Hank Kooistra (organs) and Jan Ottevange (bass) left the band. When Jan Van Der Hyde (guitar, flute, vocals), and George Snijder (drums) left, it was the end for Pugh's Place.
The groups music isn't too complex, it's probably best described as "Proto-Prog."
You can hear an obvious Deep Purple influence via the Hammond, and there's also a prominently featured flute a'la Jethro Tull. Very tight, clean drums and riffs. Cool version of "Baby you Can Drive My Car" that sounds NOTHING like the Beatles what-so-ever. Progressive instrumentals, thick with Hammond and flute.

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