Thursday, June 18, 2015

Second Life - s/t 1971

Second Life is a Hard Rock power trio that should appeal to fans of Hendrix, the self titled debut L.P. (Metronome Records 1971) is heavy on the Hendrix power trio approach to the music, especially the vocals. The Album kicks off with a 20 minute opus, "Second Life." A collage of explosions give way to some down beat acoustic guitars and vocals, Slowly the track builds up into a heavy guitar jam (the 'Second Life') with heavy blues riffs and some Hendrix-esque solos before kicking into a 6 minute drum solo. Following the drum solo, it goes back to some heavy riffs and ends with another set of explosions. "Raiders of the Night" in anthem like with heavy riffs and a catchy chorus. The album is quite rare now and fetching hefty prices. Plus, the covers lamination "is peeling off on every copy I've ever seen" according to one collector. So don't expect to find any perfect original copies. And, If you do, be prepared to pay for it! A damn fine album in my opinion. It's a great debut, but after it was released, the band changed their name to Tiger B. Smith and releaseed a self titled L.P. on Vertigo and "We're the Tiger Bunch" on Bacillus before they split in 1975.

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