Friday, June 12, 2015

Seompi - Awol 1970 (re:1998)

Seompi, an acronym for "Self Expression On Musically Potential Instruments" was formed in Texas by Dave Williams who had just done a year in the pokey for pot posession. A few years prior, He was the founder of cover band The Headstones from McAllen Texas. They did a few singles and busted up in '68 even though they had a lot of interest from major labels. In '69, Dave founded a short lived band,The Meat, (awesome name!) just before he went to jail. Seompi was formed after. A "no guitar" three piece with Dave and Patrick Rockhill both on bass, and Bill Reid on Drums. They started off with a single "Summers Commin' on Heavy", but re-recorded it when they finally broke down and got a guitar player. Most likely to make the band more commercially viable. Their custom gear made this band LOUD! They Called it quits in 1974. The album was released in '98/'99, but was recorded in '70/'71. It's a compilation of their singles.

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