Saturday, June 20, 2015

Shado - Evil City b/w Tell You I Know 45 1974

Another complete mystery. It was pretty hard to find the sliver of info I have. And that is, there's no info. It was a band of total unknowns out of Englad, pressed on a private label with the catalog number being: MON 1001 on the "Montrose" label, U.K. The Song is really cool, and I would give it the tag of Proto-Metal. I couldn't find The B-side, "Tell You I know", but one site (they posted Evil City, but left off Tell You.., and described it as not as impacting, and a lot more mellow. I wish I could hear it for myself. I will end this post with the exact same question every site that has posted this band has asked, anyone have any more info?

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