Thursday, June 11, 2015

Silver - Children of the Lord 1975

First off, nobody knows SHIT about this disc. According to Discogs, it was pressed in a run of 300, it's of the heavy psych, hard rock type, and many have speculated that this band never even got off the ground. Comes in a plain white cover with a sticker stating that it is a reviewer copy, "Confidential. "It is also of the Christian flavor (it's been called Christian Rock in some cases) It obviously contains 7 songs, however I can only find one. Anyone own this and want to rip it for me? The only thing I can find about it on the web are tiny snippets of of sites that have it for sale (around $50 and higher). And they don't know much either.YOU be the judge.


  1. I just found a copy out in the wild for two bucks! It's absolutely solid. I've got the plain white cover with green label as pictured. Lucky day!


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