Thursday, June 18, 2015

Sleepy John - s/t 1970

Sleepy John came together late 1969 in Lewiston, Idaho. A very short lived band, by very impressive. They mostly improved their tunes, and their communal house was host to all types of musicians as a place to jam. They formed out of the remnants of two bands. One from Lewiston, ID, and another from Valhalla, ID. They never actually met though, until both of them ended up in Seattle (apparently to aid in dodging the draft). They played alot in the Seattle area as well as Canada. In two different sessions, they recorded some really great material which never officially was released. It was recorded in one of the members basements, so it's definitely got that raw feel to it. Hard Rock with very prominent Hammond among heavy distorted guitar. They spent a good chunk opening for a number of bigger acts (the Zombies, Moby Grape, and The Mothers of Invention) and apparently, Frank Zappa was so impressed with them that he wanted to arrange that they be the opening act on a tour for one of his acts, Wild Man Fischer. It definitely sports a Uriah Heep/Deep Purple kinda feel to it. The unreleased recordings were ultimately released on Gear Fab in 2004 (GF-205) L.P., CD, CASS, and again in 2014 on Guersson (GUESS133) L.P. Spain. 

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