Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Socrates Drank the Conium - s/t & Taste of Conium 1972

Socrates Drank the Conium, a.k.a. Soctrates, is a Greek rock band that formed in 1969 and got big in the '70's. They were influenced by heavy blues and hard rock acts such as Hendrix and Cream, the band melded time signatures of progressive with hard rock and blues rock, making a pretty unique sound that set them apart from other Greek bands of the time.   The group has gone through many lineup changes throughout the years, but the two core members have remained: Guitarist Yannis Spathas, and bassist/singer Antonis Tourkogiorgis. The band began it's career in the clubs of Athens, most prominently Club Kyttaro This 1972 album is their debut full length, although they had appeared on Live at Kyttaro, (1971) a compilation of Greek rock bands recorded live at the Club Kyttaro in Athens and is considered one of the best records in the history if Greek rock.
Here is the eponymous debut along with "Taste of Conium," both released in 1972. The band covered Hendrix and Cream when gigging around although none of these cuts ended up on record. However, a cover of "Satisfaction" by the Stones is the opening track on "Taste." (a MUCH more lengthy and jam-like version I might add! Mass guitar freakout, with an awesome bass guitar bashing and drum solo as well! Shit, the first song is like a fucking mini concert!) Awesome opener for the album. Check out THIS.

Outside of Greece, the band is most known for Phos, their 1976 collaboration album with Vangelis. Phos was mostly re-workings of older songs by Socrates, but with Vangelis' production and contributions on many tracks.
In 2002 Socrates reunited (in an expanded form, they added keys and a second singer) to do shows around Greece. This lineup remains active today.

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