Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Steel Mill - Live at the Matrix 1970

Dig it, Steel Mill was an early Bruce Springsteen vehicle along with other members of the E Street Band - Vinny Lopez, Danny Federici, and Steve Van Zant. They regularly played gigs around the Jersy Shore and Virginia, landing some pretty good slots, opening for Grand Funk, Ike & Tina Turner, and Black Sabbath. Springsteen obviously is on lead guitar and vocals. They came together in 1969 and formed a band called Child, prior to this, some of the other members saw Springsteen's start up band called  Earth (not to be confPsed with the Sabbath "Earth") In November of 1969 the band played their last show under the moniker of Child, as there was another band from Long Island with the same name who had just released an album under that name on Roulette. They were often mistaken for the other Child when they would play out of town shows, hence the The name change to Steel Mill. In early 1970, Steel Mill visited San Francisco and played at The Matrix and The Fillmore West. These recordings come form that appearance at The Matrix as there were never any albums recorded during the Springsteen era of Steel Mill. Since 2004 members of the old lineup have recorded and released the Springsteen era songs, and they still perform today.

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