Thursday, June 25, 2015

Steeplechase - Lady Bright 1970

Okay, there is really barely anything in regards to information on this band. Oh sure, I googled it, and found a number of hits, but none of them said shit!
So I will post the only writing I found of them: Produced by Eddie Kramer, (I'm guessing of Aerosmith? Maybe?) a hard edged rock outfit from New York, strongly influenced by Uriah Heep with lots of  guitar/keyboard interplay and good vocals. All the songs were penned by the group members, and this was their only release.
There. That's all I got.
Feel free to investigate for yourself. Let me know what you come up with...

One version was 38 minutes and said "Full album." Another claimed the same but had a run time of 69 minutes. So I posted that one. I'm not sure if the setlist on this graphic is accurate to the version posted. After all that, I found another listed at over 1:00:00. I've got no idea folks....

Single: "Never Coming Back"

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