Monday, June 15, 2015

Stonehouse - Stonehouse Creek 1971

Bluesy, riffy, and LOUD. Vocals from the gut... Totally ripping heavy rock from the early 70's, Stonehouse was formed in England around 1970. The band was the short lived and un-lucky brainchild of Peter Sterling. Before founding Stonehouse he toured Germany in '66 and '67 and recorded a couple of singles for Deutsche Vogue. The band consisted of Sterling (guitar), James Smith (vocals), Ian Snow (drums), and Terry Parker (bass).
"Stonehouse Creek 1971" was recorded in only three days after RCA offered them a deal. Unfortunately, the band split up after the release of the album, apparently the record label didn't promote it like they should have as there was really no publicity around this killer band.
The album has been reissued on a label from Germany and contains 11 tracks.
This one is essential.
(Most of this info comes from Borde do Rock, awesome blog. Check it out!)

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