Tuesday, June 9, 2015

The Beginning of Black Sabbath

As I began a post about the earliest moments of the formation of Black Sabbath, not only had I found a lot of cool demo recordings, but a lot of articles telling exactly what I was setting out to do. So, rather than steal and re-type a bunch of other peoples work, here's some really cool, very informative articles and what ever I could find invovling the
earliest days and incarnation of one of history's most influential, heaviest, (you can ad "one of my life long all time favorites") bands that ever came
around.  Below are demos  by "Earth, (what Black Sabbath was called before Geezer and Tony changed the name to the title of a Boris Karloff movie), as well as some other relative bands/songs all part of the Sabbath story There's still a lot of unanswered questions, the answers to which have been stiffled down by management and the band themselves over the years.
At the later half of this tune, you can easily hear the beginnings of the song "Black Sabbath."
I'd like to start with A.J. Morocco's article from The Big Takeover from March of 2013. Hope you enjoy reading about this as much as I did. Enjoy the tunes. They are definitely most interesting.
Article No.1
"Mr. Armageddon" by The Locomotive. Definitely has a "Sabbath" kind feel to it.

"Mythology" Iommi and Ward Pre-Sabbath. Recorded from the audience. Sound quality is sub-par, but you get the idea. No mistaking Iommi's loud as hell guitar!!!
Earth 196?

"Earth" 1968 l to r Butler, Osbourne, Iommi, Ward.

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