Monday, June 29, 2015

The Flying Hat Band - Demos 1973?

The Midlands prog/rock scene was in full swing in '70-'73 and The Flying Hat Band were among the favorites of the scene. A strong, hard rocking power trio, the band featured guitar player Glen Tipton, famous for going on to become a career long member of another popular midlands band, Judas
Priest. TFHB only lasted for a couple years, but in that time became rampantly popular, even scoring a support slot for Deep Purple on a European tour. (all this with no album released!) They did however sign a deal with Vertigo and record an album which was ultimately shelved by the label for having to close a similarity to their cash cow, Black Sabbath (sad!). After Tipton left for Priest, (who had recently signed with Gull for their first release) other members went on to join with bands such as Little Johnny England, The Albion Band, and from Canada, the Pat Travers Band.
Years after the demise of TFHB, a German label,  SPM International (not to be confused with SPV, also from Germany) mysteriously released a split CD between TFHB and a band called "Antrobus" (Antrobus was later discovered to actually be Iron Claw, DO check them out. Either on this blog or elsewhere. You won't regret it!) titled "Buried Alive." (1992)
This CD contained four tracks from TFHB. Another  unofficial release can be found on Acid Nightmare records. This time a split release featuring demos from Earth. (pre-Black Sabbath) As for the rest of the album, it's rumored that the master tapes reside still in Tipton's posession,
Only time will tell if they'll ever see the light of day.
*Trivia Time! TFHB drummer Steve Palmer, is the brother of Carl Palmer. (Emerson, Lake, & Palmer)

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