Thursday, June 18, 2015

Vertigo Superheavy Vol. 1 - V/A Vertigo Sampler 1972

I gotta admit, this one is a complete mystery to me. I just happened across the graphic while hunting for another. I've done my fair share of studying Vertigo, it started with a feature in Record Collector magazine, the complete swirl label catalog. There was a description, pricing and notes about every Vertigo swirl label, and it spanned over two issues. Part 1 had a feature about Black Sabbath as well. The caption on the cover read: "Vertigo and Black Sabbath. The heaviest band, the worlds most collectable label." This title was not among them. I hit the web looking for anything about this interesting looking disc. First I tried youtube, hoping it was on there so I could give it a listen. No dice. Using the keywords "Vertigo Superheavy Vol.1" (I felt that was thorough and direct..) the only thing that came up besides workout videos (?!?!?!) was a tune from the band Ronno, "Power of Darkness." And Hey, wait! There's a blurb about the song below the video screen. Holy shit, it says "From the album: Superheavy Vol.1"
 O.K. Well, that's something. At least I know this song was featured. And, It kick ass. The picture on the clip is even taken from the back cover of the album. So I looked up Ronno. Found one more song, although not as "heavy" per se, not at all like"Power of Darkness." Turns out, both of these tunes are from one single. (I believe the single is worthy of a post as well) Okay, paging through my initial search I found another. Beggars Opera, "Sarabande", alright, look at the blurb... It's all in spanish! I shouldda stayed in school! But again, "Superheavy Vol.1", now THAT I can read!
This is cool. Whoever did this is showing off the cover and playing it on their turntable. (Making the sound quality sup-par, oh well..)
Making progress. See, my whole point was to post it as the first comp. that I featured on this site, and low and behold, I can't find shit. 2 Down, more to go. But no more youtube clips. So I took to the search engines and began looking for anything. I found the cover for "Vol.2", but that's a task for another day. See, if I can find out what songs were featured on this sampler, I got my post. Dead ends galore until I punched in the catalog number 6360 061. I find a list of all vertigo releases. Booyah! now all I gotta do is look it up. The fucking catalog number is NOT LISTED. It jumps from 060 directly to 062! WTF? I am becoming more and more obsessed with tracking this down. I feel as though I'm on the hunt at a record fair. Ding! another hit. This one is from a site called Rare Record Collector. There it is! "Superheavy Vol.1" - Various 1972. AND The mystery is solved. Even with no track listing, and no description, Not only do I find out the songs featured because there's a scan of the label, but, I find out it was only issued in Peru! Therefore, that catalog number only exists in Peru.
Wow. Wasn't that fun! This little venture was a bit time consuming. I guess that's what I like about it. Plus, I've been kickin' some great sounds all night. So, without any further babbling, I bring to you Vertigo Records "Superheavy" Sampler Vol.1. I will leave the critique to you, as I've spouted off and typed too much already. Hope you enjoy it! Cheers!

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