Monday, July 6, 2015

Blast - Damned Flame b/w Hope 45 1972

Recorded in 1972, and released in Aug. of 1974 on Majestic Records, Blast's "Damned Flame/Hope" 45 was but a month behind the Stooges "I got a Right", which was taped in June of '74. Although nobody noticed it for five years. The same can not be said for Blast as their sole release was only pressed to the tune of 300-500 copies and was straight up alien to the general music consuming public of the time.
This is straight solid Punk Rock/Proto-Metal in the vein of Motorhead/Discharge.
Re-issued on Death Vault records in May of 2015, it sold out quicker than it took to press. Check out Death Vault Records page for some cool pics and reviews.

Original press

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