Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Blues Addicts - s/t 1970

An extremely obscure heavy blues rock band from Denmark, Following in the footsteps of their infatuation with the likes of Hendrix and Cream. This is the only known release of this band. They notably started out with their own material as opposed to covers (as was the norm of the time). This has some really great moments on it. I've read that it's more sought after as a rarity more than anything else, however I believe this album has much more merit. Great guitar work, as you would expect from a blues rock outfit. Some have said they can hear the element of the project being rushed in the recording, which it was, due to the original master tapes being lost in a fire. All in all, crankin' this one up will not disappoint! Re-issued on the Shadocks label in 2008.

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