Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Crank - "A Night in the Cave" 1971

This is the B-side of a split E.P. from two heavily obscure bands, (a limited press of about 750 copies from 1997) Thump Theatre being the A-side, which is of a more progressive flavor from what I've read. Crank however is: "Consistantly Heavy tightly played, energetic, hard bluesy rock. Owing a debt to Led Zep no doubt, but with it's own brand of aggression it stands on it's own merit as the sound of a young and extremely talented band that could have gone on to greater success. The final track regresses into blues rock, but this is eminently forgivable, acknowledging the influences this music emerged from." (this paragraph has been present on every blog I've read concerning Crank).
Other descriptions found on various mail order sights: "Heavy Rock with a progressive touch unearthed by the Rockedelic label featuring ultra-rare underground 70's rock sounds (c.1971) with one side by each band. These tapes came from the Cavern Sound studios (Stoned Circus, Bulbous Creation, Phantasia, Trizo 50) the Crank tape had 'Zep Jr' written on the box, which is a pretty accurate frame of reference. Thump Theater offers a more progressive rock sound with some good guitar breaks and catchy lyrics. Last copies from a long gone edition from 1997.

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