Saturday, July 25, 2015

Hiro Yanagida -" Milk Time" 1970

Hiro Yanagida, born in Japan in 1949, appeared on stage for the first time as a member of The Floral in 1966 through the audition for the Japanese chapter of The Monkees Fan Club. In 1969 The Floral changed their name to Apryl Fool, famous as an improvised psychedelic rock band in Japan amd disbanded right after they recorded their Eponymous debut. Whilst playing in FOOD BRAIN and LOVE LIVE LIFE + ONE, Hiro, as a solo artist recorded four albums: "Milk Time" (1970), "Hiro Yanagida Nanasai No Rojin Tengoku)" (1971), "HIRO" (1972), and "Hirocosmos" (1973) all of which gained approval from worldwide psychedelic fans and reviewers alike. Recently, as a session musician, Hiro has recorded many songs for T.V., jingles, and commercials. It's pretty well Prog Rock with some serious blast-ass moments. Their core storm starts of on the second track "Running Shirts Long", and don't be deceived by Hiros soft keyboard solo on the beginning of "Love St", each insrumental solo gets exoloded and builds heavily and rampantly.

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