Saturday, July 18, 2015

Leaf Hound - "Growers of Mushroom" 1971

Leaf Hound formed in London, England in 1969 under their original name Black Cat Bones. Early incarnations of Black Cat Bones featured guitarist Paul Kossoff and drummer Simon Kirke who both left to form Free. Black Cat Bones issued one album for Decca Records entitled Barbed Wire Sandwich. They replaced their vocalist shortly after releasing the album adding Peter French to the lineup. Guitarist Rod Price was the next to leave to join Foghat, and French added his cousin Mick Halls on guitar. A short time later, Black Cat Bones changed their name to Leaf Hound and at this point, the band consisted of French on vocals, Halls on guitar, the Brooks brothers, Derek and Stuart, on guitar and bass respectively, and Kieth George-Young on drums.
Growers of Mushroom was recorded in 1970 and then the Brooks brothers left the lineup. Ron Thomas filled in on bass and the band toured Europe as a four piece. They then released the "Drown My Life In Fear" single as well as the Leaf Hound album on Telefunken in Germany. "Growers of Mushroom" came out right after with all the songs from the self titled album. "Growers of Mushroom" became a super highly collectable album in the years to com and was voted the most collectable album by Q-Magazine. It has also been cited as a major influence on the stoner rock movement. It's been re-released four times (3 times on CD, once on L.P.) on four different labels with the last one being on Repertoire in 2005. Happy Hunting! And good luck, yer gonna need it.

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