Thursday, July 23, 2015

Shaggy - "Lessons For Beginners" 1975

Shaggy was a band formed in Gothenburg, Sweden in 1973. The band released just one album, "Lessons for Beginners" in 1975. The album is very rare and if you find an original, it will set you back about $300+. Illustration on the album shows a naked girl laying on a gallows with a sunrise in the background. It shows the band playing surrounded by mountains and UFO's. The opening track "Destination Nowhere" is a total killer track with obvious influence from Deep Purple through guitars as well as Hammond. "Vengence is more an accelerated pace on vocals and suggests early Queen. It contiues with "Bitch" which surley is another highlight. The bass and Hammond is intense as well as the instrumental "Lessons For Beginners." "I Can Feel" is another instrumental. Closing the album is "Brink of Nowhere" which is the longest track on the disc at &:30. Hammond provide support while the guitars go crazy with long solos.

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