Saturday, July 18, 2015

Stark Naked - s/t 1971

There's a common belief that with no Alice Cooper, there would've been no Kiss (not to mention the Rob Zombies, Marilyn Mansons, etc.) and Gene Simmons himself confirmed this when he stated: "we thought that if one guy called Alice Cooper could make it so big, how about four of them?" Needless to say, it wasn't the makeup alone that made Kiss the giant that they were/are, but I digress. So if you ask the typical crate comber about the band Stark Naked, they'll no doubt tell you that they're a dark prog/hard rock band. And this is true. However, if you ask any of their hometown Long Island, NY fan base, they'll tell you about elaborate stage theatrics and a show very comparable to that of Alice, or Kiss. The music, displays the maturity of a more seasoned band (this was their ONLY album) and is even more impressive when you know the fact that the musicians were only in their teens at the time. This was a very obscure record that appeared on the RCA/Victor label, and if given the time and opportunity, I believe could have blossomed into just as much of a household name as any of the aforementioned acts. After the release of this album, the band fell victim to the all too familiar "take the money and run" bit from their manager and therefore lost faith in the music business, which led to the bands ultimate demise. Sad. This 1971 L.P. is worth tracking down, even if it does carry a hefty price tag.

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