Sunday, July 5, 2015

Steamhammer - Speech 1972

"Speech" was the fourth and last album from British blues-rock band Steamhammer. In 1971, Keiran White and Steve Davy left the band and bassist Louis Cennamo joined guitarist Martain Pugh and drummer Mick Bradley. This lineup, with session vocalist Garth Watt-Roy recorded this album which was released in 1972. It consisted of three very long, and often instrumental songs. Due to Bradley's untimely death of leukemia shortly after this albums release, their band dissolved making this their last release.After Bradley's death, Pugh and Cennamo joined up with former Yardbirds vocalist Keith Relf and drummer Bobby Caldwell, formerly of Johnny Winters' band and Captain Beyond to form Armageddon. The first song on this release, "Penumbra", was the prototype of Armageddon's "Buzzurd." In fact, it's basically just copied from "Penumbra."

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