Saturday, July 25, 2015

Stone Bunny - 1970

Although Pentagram did not officially form until 1971, the beginnings of the band dates back to 1970 when Bobby Liebling joined D.C. area band "Space Meat", who then, changed their name to Stone Bunny. Aside from Liebling the lineup featured John Jennings (guitar), Greg Mayne (bass), annnd Geoff O'Keef (drums). All of whom later turned up in Pentagram. Stone Bunny only stayed together for a few months because Leiblings harder vocal style wasn't right for Jennings often melodic material, and they parted ways with him and the other three remained a trio (Jennings,Mayne, O'Keef) and went back under the moniker of Space Meat before breaking up a brief time later.

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