Monday, July 13, 2015

Tear Gas - songs from: "Piggy Go Getter" 1970 - Tear Gas s/t (full l.p.) 1971

From Allmusic: A Glasgow, Scotland progressive band formed in the late '60's, Tear Gas initially comprised Eddie Campbell (Keyboards), Zal Clemenson (Guitar), Chris Glen (Bass, vocals), Gilson Lavis (drums), and Andy Mulvey (vocals). Mulvey had originally sung with local beat grouip The Poets. After changing from their original name, Mustard, they chose Tear Gas as a variation of the same theme. Mulvey was soon replaced by keyboard player and vocalist David Batchalor and Lavis (wholater played with Squeeze)by Richard Monroe from Ritchie Blackmore's Mandrake Root. It was this lineup that recorded their 1970 debut: "Piggy Go Getter", an album typical of the time with it's long guitar and keyboard passages. However, they were more playful than some - "We were a really loud band, in fact we used to open with Jethro Tull's 'Love Story' which started out very softly and the crowd would drift towards the front. Then we'd turn the volume up and blow everyone out of the hall!" After a couple more lineup changes, the group recorded material for a second album for a release on Regal Zonophone Records, but was met with a lackluster response from the critics. Despite regular touring in an effort to establish themselves, it wasn't until they teamed up with Alex Harvey in August 1972 to become The Sensational Alex Harvey Band that they saw any real success. Check out another review of "Piggy Go Getter at MONOLOVER

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