Friday, August 28, 2015

After Shave - "Skin Deep" 1972 / "Strange Feeling" 1974

Formed in 1968 in Bienne, Bern, Switzerland, the bands longevity lasted 6 years until they broke up in 1975. But not before they released two albums. One of their first gigs in '68 saw them at a pop contest organized by a Zurich magazine. They were disqualified with no glory to this critique: "the group might be good if the guitarist did not use so much distortion." (I like reviews like that) Never the less the group carried on playing blues rock a-la Cream, Zeppelin, Deep Purple, John Mayall. Their first single was recorded, but never marketed due to the band running out of money. Between '71 & '74, the band got rather big, releasing "Skin Deep" in 1972. The group took on a few lineup changes before recording "Strange Feelings" in 1974.
In 1975, the group recorded a demo with two titles, this drew the interest of EMI, who offered to sign them if they changed their name. So from there on the band was known as "Slick." EMI ended up cancelling their contract with the band, exit After Shave, and exit Slick.

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