Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Attila - S/T 1970

Attila was the name of a band featuring a young Billy Joel. Joel was in a band called The Hassles, he and the drummer John Small, broke away from The Hassles and formed the two man band Attila in 1969. The instrumentation was organ and drums, with Joel handling the bass lines as well with a keyboard, similar to The Doors' Ray Manzarek. Their creative partnership ended in 1970 when Joel ran off with Small's wife, Elizabeth, although this did not end their collabarations as Small produced Joel's KOHUEPM video, as well as the "Live at Shea Stadium" performance.
Their only album "Attila" was released on July 24th, 1970. Attila has been selected by AllMusic critics as one of the worst rock albums of all time (that alone is enough to garner my attention).
Joel himself has gone on to describe the band as "psychedelic bullshit."
Steven Thomas Erlewine of AllMusic worte: "Attila is undoubtedly the worst record released in the history of rock & roll - hell,  the worst album in the history of recorded music itself."
Take a listen. You be the judge.

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