Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Axe - Live & Studio 1969

This album is kind of a trip. Lots of loud fuzzed out guitars, but interjected quite frequently (about every other song) with some really mellow soft typical late 60's moments. I dare say the vocals feel out of place on a lot of the loud moments, however it fits with the mellower side of the album. It definitely has some great hard moments. From Northampton U.K., Axe (or Axe Music) were on of the most obscure acts in the field of psychedelic/hard rock. They made a handfull of acetates of an album in 1969 titled "Music" and it was also released as "Live & Studio." In more recent years a live album was uncovered and released as "Live 1969" and featured them doing cover songs of various tunes. The lineup consisted of Vivienne (or Countess Vivienne) on vocals, A. Barford/guitars, R. Hillard/acoustic guitar, M.Knobbs/bass, and S. Gordon/drums and percussion.

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