Sunday, August 30, 2015

Dirty Tricks - s/t 1975

"Meat n' Potatos" hard rockers Dirty Tricks was formed in 1974 and delivered three unpretentious albums for the Polydor label. The band debuted live at London's Marquee Club as openers for Dux Deluxe during Jan. of 1975. Dirty Tricks debuted with an eponymous Roger Bain produced set and promoted it with support tours in the U.K. for both Argent and Budgie.
Tony Visconti would be on hand to produce the second album "Night Man." Touring to support this release would include touring the U.K. opening for The Streetwalkers, and in the U.S. as support for Cheap Trick, Blue Oyster Cult, and Bob Segar. The band folded after the release of their third album "Hit and Run" (another Visconti production). They also had 3 singles in '75, '76, and '77 respectively. After their split, they formed the back up band for Ozzy Osbourne who had recently quit Black Sabbath, however, Osbourne duly rejoined Black Sabbath.
In a surprise move, the band reformed with an album of new material in 2009.
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