Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Fury - "Flying" B/W "100% Proof" 45 1972

A very early Sonny Vincent project released 40 years after it's inception, Fury has for the first time in all those years found a record label in HoZac Records. Recorded in 1972 (and finally released in 2012) the record was meant to pass out to labels as a demo, but to very little interest. Disillusioned by the lack of enthusiasm from any label at all, the band broke up shortly after. Sonny Vincent going on to play in Liquid Diamonds, and then made a name for himself in the New York punk scene. This record is thunderous! This is proto-metal in its purist form. HoZac Records describes it on their web sight as: "driping with chainsaw grease and burnt skin, a true ball-crushing, tit-ripping rock and roll gem for the ages.

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