Thursday, August 27, 2015

Jamul - s/t 1970

Killer late 60's hard hippy rock album issued in 1970 with a down-and-wasted vibe. Greast guitar throughout with a killer cover of "Tobacco Road", plus loads of originals. The band were involved with Steppenwolf's management and the sound is similar to the early years of that band as well as other heavy acid rock bands like "Yesterday's Children" and "Frantic." (Freak Emporium)
Dirty hairy rockers whose music was every bit as grungy as the album cover would suggest. Gravel voice no-nonsense singing and dirty sounding rhythm guitars add to the appeal. They do cover three well-known songs here, but change them around (different tempos, rhythms, etc.). The best songs are the up beat originals, but all of it is good. This is in many ways what a hard rock album should be - Honest, rough, and slightly pissed off. (Acis Archives)

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