Friday, August 28, 2015

Three Headed Dog - Hound of Hades 1972-73

Birmingham England was home to a large number of bands like Black Sabbath, The Move, Led Zeppelin, and Judas Priest. Three Headed Dog appears to be a greater 'unknown quantity' than many other of the underground hopefuls of the time. Even luminaries from the era such as midlands promoter Norman Hood who ran Tramp Entertainment could shed no light on the band saying "They seem to have sunk without a trace." Judas Priest's original singer, Al Atkins said he remembers the band playing out when he was fronting Priest, "but other than that, nothing" While the groups identity remains shrouded in mystery, what we can tell you for sure is that at least part, if not all, of this mega rare recording was made at the Railway in Birmingham's Curzon St. in 1973. Overtones of Priest are apparent with the song "Sick Solution" a homegrown song can without a doubt be compared with the Halford/Downing composition "Cheater" from J.P.'s first album, "Rocka Rola." A couple covers (Chicago's 25 or 6 to 4, Butterfly) mixed in with originals, makes this basement sounding recording pretty fuckin' cool. (Taken in part from "Rockesteria")

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